About TastesAlive.com

Tastes Alive is all about taste!

As a family of six we have had our fair share of cooking recipes from around the web that turn out bland, or just don’t work at all. It is just not on when you cook up dinner and everyone is disappointed at the result from following a recipe that makes you wonder whether the authors or webiste actually ever tried cooking it.

Well, we test every recipe we publish and promise you that each one will work. Of course you can substitute and vary ingredients to better suit your taste but the basic recipes here are all tested and sound.

That is our promise to you!

Our website name comes from the fact that food we eat should make us feel envigorated or comforted or amazed – any positive feeling of wonder is fine – your food should make you feel alive – hence Tastes Alive.

Food is your medicine – it keeps your body healthy, gives it the vitamins and minerals to work and grow and keeps you energized.

If you eat the wrong foods then your body will suffer.

We follow a diet of balance. Some meat, some fish, some dairy, some vegan, some vegetarian, and plentiful fruit and vegetables.

Cook for yourself and you will have so much more nutritious food at a cheaper price than anything you buy in the shops. 

Look after yourself and your family as well as your community by buying fresh local produce – in season for the most part as these vegetables, fruit and other foods will be at their nutritious best.

We welcome feedback via our contact page and in comments where available.