Cookie Policy

When you visit, we place a small text file called a cookie in your computer hard disk. 

This file allows us to track you so that we are able to provide basic functionality to you such as shopping carts. They are also used to provide an enhanced online user experience and provide you with functionality such as “likebox”.  Some of these functions are already in place and some are planned to be added later.

In addition, it allows us to analyse your interaction with our website (including pages visited, search terms and images viewed). This is irrespective of whether you choose to make a purchase or not. 

The cookies you consent to, are also used to profile you into an audience list so that we can deliver targeted advertising tailored to your interests and to determine the effectiveness of our online marketing campaigns.

Most browsers allow you to reject cookies; but if you do so, certain functionality may be unavailable and certain webpages may not display properly.